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1G Pre-Roll of Caramel Cake

Physically Relaxing, Elicits a Sense of Floating



This is one of the most beautiful strains ever seen. Rich tones and a sweet fragrance make Ripped City Caramel Cake a crowd pleaser everytime.


A.K.A. "Adak"! From Allbuds.com:

...[Caramel Cake] is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through the powerhouse cross of the infamous Alaskan Thunder Fuck X AK47 strains. With parents like these, you know you’re in for one crazy ride. The high hits you almost immediately after smoking with a happy lift that leaves you feeling energetic and motivated with a sense of focus and purpose that is perfect for getting things done during the day. You’ll feel ready to get out and get active, although it won’t build and cause anxiety if you choose to stay indoors and kick back instead.

Caramel Cake Pre-Roll

  • THC - 26.7%


    Parent/Cross Strains:

    AK-47 x ATF x Cherry Pie