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Strain Highlight: Forbidden Fruit

Strait from Eden.

Plant know how to take a picture.

The first thing that hits you with Forbidden Fruit is a strong smell that's a mix of citrus and passion fruit. On first toke that smell translates directly to taste giving you fruit flavor before mellow indica traits travel through your body. Great for achieving total relaxation this strain is not so strong that you will be couch-locked but strong enough to let you feel in control while you chill out.

A cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie you can see why Forbidden Fruit is such a tasty strain. Cherry Pie gives it sweet cherry undertones while the topical flavors of Tangie ride on top of that sweetness. At Ripped City our Forbidden Fruit is highest in Myrcene and Linalool both terpenes that help relaxation while the Myrcene helps to enhance the effects of the THC so the lower number still pack a heavy hit.

So many colors!

Forbidden Fruit is one of those essential strains to have on you. Great for beginners or people with a low tolerance since super fruity taste invites them in and the lower THC means strain will never couch lock or overwhelm them. That being said it's also a solid pick for more experienced users who want to enjoy the unique and fruity flavor. If you're an indica person who wants to smoke with friends FF has your back; if it's not strong enough for you it's great to mix with a stronger strain so you can enjoy the taste and terpenes with your favorite strain (I recommend Purple Punch since it's grape flavor and indica profile blend super well).

Until next time stay Ripped,

The Ripped City Team

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