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Garden Update - Harvest

Our latest is headed to cure!

A fresh cut from out latest harvest.
Sunset Sherbet looking 🔥🔥🔥

This was a great harvest for us at Ripped City with some of the healthiest, heaviest (and dankest!) plants we've seen in a while. Headed to cure are Sour Patch, Super Glue, Headband, Quad Dawg, Sunset Sherbet, Purple Punch, White Tahoe Cookies and Caramel Cake! We can't wait to get these strains into testing to see what the numbers tell us. One of our fans on Instagram recently asked if we chill out rooms to get that darker/more purple color on our plants. The short answer is no! The long answer is we harvest our rooms based on trichrome production and will wait until the color of the trichromes indicate that they are ripe. Now ripeness depends on what type of plant you're harvesting; indica and sativa have different harvest times based on trichromes. Trichromes can effect the high so much that you want to make sure each strain is pulled at just the right time to get the desired effect from each strain. As long-time growers, we've learned to perfect our harvest times to give you the top-shelf cannabis experience you expect from Ripped City. We also had a little photo shoot with some fresh cuts! Check them out in the gallery below and let us know what strain you think took the best shot.

Until next time, stay Ripped.


The Ripped City Team

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